Corporate image campaign for MiniMetro S.p.A.

MiniMetro S.p.A. wanted to improve their brand recognition and create an omnichannel experience to enhance commuters lives. The idea was to launch a series of vending machines and products that would be in line with the design of the MiniMetro's unique architecture, that would be meaningful to the customer and that would improve brand visibility.

The MiniMetro S.p.A. network is characterised by its minimalist design and sleek lines with the colours red (the tracks), silver (the cars and the concrete pilasters) and antracite (the windows) standing out as a defining feature.

The proposal was to launch a triple campaign, consisting of a series of interactive posters distributed around prime locations, a social media contest and the rollout of a line of sustainable merchandise that would improve travellers commute and reduce waste in the process. The posters would call on the public to participare sharing their MiniMetro experience on social media platforms on which in return there were daily prizes to be won, ranging from merchandise, to travel cards.